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Nutanix Files 4.4 Update: Your Roadmap to Data Management Excellence

In the ever-evolving landscape of data management and disaster recovery solutions, Nutanix Files continues to stand out with its commitment to innovation and customer-centric enhancements. With the release of Nutanix Files 4.4, several new features and updates have been introduced to streamline data operations, improve data protection, and enhance overall user experience. In this blog post, we'll dive into the key features and updates that make Nutanix Files 4.4 a remarkable upgrade.

Metro Availability for Seamless Disaster Recovery

One of the standout features of the Nutanix Files 4.4 release is the introduction of Metro Availability. This feature allows for synchronous replication, ensuring planned and unplanned disaster recovery of your file server hosted on an ESXi hypervisor.

Smart Sync: Making Storage Management Smarter

Smart Sync provides a cost-effective solution for consolidating data from multiple file server sources to a single target on the same Prism Central (PC) cluster.

With Smart Sync, any modifications made to the source data are mirrored on the corresponding target. If you remove data from the source, Smart Sync ensures that it is also removed from the target. You can employ one or more Smart Sync policies to specify the source paths for each respective target.

Effortless Data Restoration with Share-Level Self Service Restore (SSR)

Data recovery just got faster and more convenient with Nutanix Files 4.4. Share-Level Self-Service Restore (SSR) allows you to restore share-level snapshots created in Nutanix Files or from third-party backup vendors in a matter of minutes. This capability leverages a server-side restore mechanism, ensuring quick restoration operations regardless of share size.

Simplified SMB Share Permissions Configuration

Managing share-level user and group permissions for SMB shares has been made easier in Nutanix Files 4.4. You can now configure these permissions during or after SMB share creation directly in the Files Console.

Seamless NFS Files Migration

Migrating NFSv3 exports has become a seamless process with the share migration feature introduced in Nutanix Files 4.4. Share migration lets you copy share data from one share to another share, including from third-party sources to Nutanix Files.

Enhanced Smart DR Support

For organizations operating in a multiple PC environment, Nutanix Files 4.4 brings enhanced Smart DR support. Now you can configure Smart DR in a multiple PC environment within the same Availability Zone (AZ).

Scaling Up with Nested Shares

Nutanix Files now supports the configuration of up to 5000 nested shares per file server. This significant scalability enhancement provides organizations with the flexibility they need to accommodate their evolving data management requirements.

For detailed information on the new features and enhancements in the Files 4.4 release, please view Files 4.4 Release Notes


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