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NDB 2.5.2 Release is Here!

Updated: Sep 16

Nutanix announced today the arrival of NDB 2.5.2, the latest version of Nutanix's cutting-edge database platform. This release introduces a range of new features and enhancements, boosting performance, security, and stability in your database environment. Let's explore the key highlights of this release:

1) Support for Oracle Database version 21c

NDB 2.5.2 introduces full support for the latest Oracle Database version 21c. Now you can leverage all the advanced features and capabilities offered by Oracle's latest release while enjoying the benefits of NDB.

2) Enhanced Provisioning for PostgreSQL

Keeping up with the evolving landscape, NDB now supports newer versions of Patroni, Etcd, HAProxy, and Keepalived for PostgreSQL provisioning. This ensures a seamless deployment and management experience, enabling you to leverage the latest tools and technologies for your PostgreSQL databases.

3) Security Patches and Updates

Nutanix takes security seriously, and NDB 2.5.2 reflects Nutanix's commitment to providing a secure database platform solution. This release includes important security patches that address exposures and vulnerabilities reported on the NDB server, Apache Tomcat, and CentOS.

For detailed information on the new features and enhancements in the NDB 2.5.2 release, please view NDB release notes

Happy upgrading!


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