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Nutanix Objects Version 4.0

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

In Nutanix Objects 4.0, there are numerous updates that improve its functionality as an enterprise object storage solution. Let's explore each new feature and highlight its benefits:

1. Federation Namespace

One of the standout features of Nutanix Objects 4.0 is the Federation Namespace. Federation provides a way to create a single namespace across multiple individual Objects instances. Essentially, it allows different Objects instances to refer to the same resources using the same names, even if those resources are located in different Objects instances and locations. The Federation Namespace feature is essential for multi-cloud and multi-site deployments, making it easier to manage Objects across different locations.

The Federation Namespace feature brings several benefits to Nutanix Objects customers. It allows them to use a consistent naming system across multiple locations, which simplifies the management of objects. Additionally, it enables seamless data movement across different locations, making it easy to move data between different Objects instances, clouds, or between on-premises and cloud environments.

2. Navigation Menu Redesign for Objects User Interface

Another new feature of Nutanix Objects 4.0 is a redesign of the navigation menu in the Objects User Interface. With the Application Switcher which was introduced in the latest Prism Central release, users can seamlessly switch between various Nutanix applications, and the navigation menu is completely redesigned to provide a more intuitive user experience.

The new navigation menu is more streamlined and easier to navigate which makes it easier and faster for users to perform common tasks, enhancing their productivity.

3. UI Workflow for Replication Rules Supports Federated Namespace

Nutanix Objects 4.0 introduces an updated UI workflow for replication rules that supports Federated Namespace. The new UI enables users to create replication rules for Federated Namespace through a simple and intuitive interface. This feature is essential for organizations that require data replication across different locations, allowing them to easily manage and configure replication rules for objects.

4. Objects Deployment on the NC2 Cluster

Nutanix Objects 4.0 introduces support for Objects deployment on the Nutanix Cloud Cluster (NC2). This feature allows customers to deploy Nutanix Objects in a hybrid cloud environment, using a single management console to manage Objects across multiple clouds and locations.

The Objects deployment on the NC2 Cluster feature brings several benefits to customers. It enables them to deploy Nutanix Objects in a hybrid cloud environment, providing greater flexibility and scalability. Additionally, it simplifies the management of Objects across different clouds and locations, reducing the complexity of managing multiple object storage solutions.

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